Celebrate This Week: They are me

We need to celebrate the good things, especially in ugly sad times.  Ruth Ayers cultivates this with her Celebrate This Week link up. Thank you, Ruth, for the space to share. Read other reflections here.

celebrate link up

The news reports out of Paris cut to the core.

When disaster strikes, I hold my own close and breathe a sigh of relief. I think, they are safe.

Then I think, but what about those who aren’t.

I’m going to take a leap here.

Hold on.

They are mine. They are me.

This week I celebrate perspective. Long hours. Late nights. Frustration. Fatigue. Report cards. Mistakes. Missteps. Imperfections. And, the gift of tomorrow. Next time. I celebrate being able to look back, reflect and make better.

I celebrate the times I stopped myself. And asked:  What’s up? Are you ok? Did you get enough sleep last night? What made you think that? How did you do that?

The times I didn’t assume. I kept listening.

The times I encouraged. Say more. Show me.

The times I took a deep breath and didn’t react. I didn’t say anything.

The times I thought, what if this was my child? What if this was me?

This week I celebrate the ability to look back, have perspective and remember they are mine and me.