Celebrate: Boundless Reading

This week we ventured into Wonderopolis. I can confidently say Wonderopolis is my students’ new favorite thing. It keeps them still when the bell rings for recess. It makes them cheer when we start and whine when we have to stop.  “What are you wondering?” is the most natural thing to ask a child. And the wonderings of Wonderopolis are boundless.  This week I celebrate our wondering and Wonderopolis.

Writing makes thinking happen. So writing about reading makes perfect sense. Unless you are anyone who just wants to read to find out. Last week I challenged kids to write about their reading in a way that expressed themselves and showed their thinking about their nonfiction reading. I believe student voice and understanding exists in these images.

This week I celebrate student writing about reading that fits the mindset of the student not the assignment of the teacher.

On Tuesday, my student, K, picked up this 304-page book.

61HgnG6bnJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_K is the kind of reader whose book selection leans toward thin books with exciting covers. I watched. Wednesday I wandered up to his table and found him two-thirds through the book.

Me: Whoa! You just got this yesterday!

K, looking up at me: Yeah, it’s a really good book!

S across from him: I am surprised too. He just got it.

K: It’s just a really good book!

This week I celebrate K finding “a really good” book.

This week I celebrate my students who wonder, write about and enjoy reading.  I celebrate the creators of books, magazines and online media that speak to my students’ interests. I celebrate the time to find and the time process.

Thank you, Ruth Ayers, for the opportunity to share my celebrations each week.  Find more celebrations here.

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