Celebrate: Home for the Holidays

This week was spent getting ready to perform our annual musical pageant. Time, patience, and talent were needed. Kids are excited. Adults are stressed. Learning the lyrics, the movements, and doing it together is a challenge.  The task is big, especially for the youngest of kiddos. This is not my strong suit. So I followed the lead of the musicians on staff and tried to keep calm.

After hours of practice, the rough spots smoothed out, and students rose. They stood together and sang, danced and played.

And, there were a few who stood out. Those who shine a bit brighter in the spotlight. Those who pay attention to their beat.  Those who turn it on big time. This is their time.

My school is home for many kids. This week many came home.  Former students, I haven’t seen in years came to watch cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews perform. They came back to visit and remember their time.

This week I celebrate students reaching up to be their best, those who listen to their tune and perform with full hearts, and those who dedicate themselves to finding and nurturing the music that lives in children.

This week I celebrate my school for being a place that is home for our students, past and present.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Ruth Ayers, for your blog Discover, Play, Learn, that provides a weekly space for the practice of celebration. Read more celebrations here.