Celebrating Slow

We put a premium on speed. We rush to meet, exceed and beat deadlines, expectations, and competition. If on-time is good, early is better.

But this week I celebrate slow and the reflection and conversation that can accompany it.

Christmas morning the house was slow.

By mid morning my daughter wakes her brothers. She’s the shopper/planner and can’t wait. After a bit of prodding, presents are exchanged.

At first, I don’t see it. All seems well. But then I realize. There’s discomfort. This space, a place that was to run and play, isn’t anymore. It’s uncomfortable, a bit sad, and unexpected. This year isn’t the first Christmas  with adult kids. So why now. And more importantly, what do we do about it.

Answers began with stories of six, seven, and eight-year olds. Tiny memoirs.  Priceless moments colored by older perspectives.

I listen.

I answer questions of times they can’t recall.

After dinner home has changed; it fits a little better.

Time pushes towards the new year; the more and the fast will pull in directions that forget slow. So here’s to building in moments of slow. Slow makes space for story and conversation to realize, remember, discover, and create new understandings.

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Thank you, Ruth, for your blog Play, Discover, Build that provides a space to notice and celebrate the small things that life is made up of. Read more celebrations here.