DigiLit Sunday: One Little Word

Margaret Simon’s DigiLit Sunday link up inspired me to craft a One Little Word slideshow for my kiddos.

You will find some similarities to Julie Johnson’s and Margaret’s posts.  There’s nothing like having great mentors to help!

Find the slide show by clicking one little word 2016. The  google link is hereThe link to the hard copy of One Little Word possibilities can be found here.

The venture is different every year, just like our OLWs. Hope you can use a little bit of what I’ve shared.

Happy 2016!


3 thoughts on “DigiLit Sunday: One Little Word

  1. Julieanne, I am wondering what your OLW is this year. I listened to my OLW last year and it served me well. Now I am ready to BELIEVE. I liked your slideshow and look forward to seeing what you and your students come up with.

  2. Thanks for adding to the choices for OLW presentations. I hope you will join Holly’s OLW postings for Thursdays. We will write about each other’s words.

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