Poetry Friday: Reading Reclaimed

I found my reading self in a book, and I’m grateful.

The book that took me there was Stoner by John Williams. First published in 1965, it sold only 2,000 copies. It’s an Everyman story written to perfection.

Much like the protagonist in the book, Williams was a teacher, a professor of literature.

In a 1985 interview, Williams criticized the direction of the teaching of literature and the growing attitude toward text “as if a novel or poem is something to be studied and understood rather than experienced.” And in response to the question, “And, literature is written to be entertaining?” he said,

 “Absolutely. My God, to read without joy is stupid.”

Reading Reclaimed

To find joy in the journey, to shed a tear or laugh out loud.

But also,

joy in words.

How they line up

on the page

and sing

all by themselves.

When I can’t help but say,

oh, my.

I’ve missed it.

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Thank you to Tabatha Yeatrs at the Opposite of Indifference for hosting Poetry Friday.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Reading Reclaimed

  1. Yes to the joy of words and reading as an EXPERIENCE! That’s the way writing is, isn’t it? Words/stories/poems should be received in the same way they are created. Thank you!

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