Celebrate: I Can’t Wait!

I come to celebrate a little late.

I thought I’d skip it, but after reading a few posts, I had to show up.

This week, I want to sit back and admire (my OLW) a few things.

ONE: A message left by a student before the break.   TWO: My post it plans for the next few weeks. Planning makes me feel organized. At least for the moment. It’s a moveable feast; acknowledging the reality of probable changes. I accept the slippery nature of best-made plans. THREE: My new book bins.  Aren’t they perfect? A Christmas gift to my classroom. FOUR: Books.  In each of those colorful bins are baggies (text sets) filled with non-fiction books, magazines, and poetry.  All are waiting to be devoured and discussed by book clubs.  One of the benefits of staying at one grade level is the collection of books amassed over time. 
 FIVE: A sneak peak at coming attractions –more books I love. I can’t wait!  Here’s me looking forward to Monday.

Thank you, Ruth, for Celebrating This Week link up. Find more celebrations here.




12 thoughts on “Celebrate: I Can’t Wait!

  1. Wow, I loved looking over your shelves. So many books I love there. And the colorful bins are beautiful! No wonder you’re looking forward to Monday.

  2. Julieanne,
    Your work this week has definitely been something to admire. What great organization for the kiddos as they begin 2016! Can’t wait to hear how you plans work for you!!!

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