DigiLit Sunday: OLW Digging Deeper



This morning I played around with my One Little Word, digitally.  Margaret Simon’s DigiLit Sunday link up inspired an exploration of color and poetry.

I created a Canva design last week and included it here. The dark blue sky drew me in. It felt mysterious and calm. I chose the picture without explaining why I liked it. It just fit.

Today, I looked at that image again, to find words that might explain my choice. The dark blue reminded me of space, of the ocean. Both appear cold and lifeless, yet contain miracles of life and complexity.

Admiring the dark places, expecting that something wonderful, hidden is waiting to be found.  Revisiting this picture with the intent to connect it to words, pulled me towards understanding.


Tomorrow, my students will play with words. Consider others’ choices. Wonder what makes sense, and do some digital discovery with brainy quotes, the visual thesaurus, and online dictionaries. Explore, play a bit, and then explore some more.  Starting with words, working with colors and images, and then, digging deeper with words to find how it all ties together, what it means to them, and perhaps how they might take action towards using that word in their lives.




2 thoughts on “DigiLit Sunday: OLW Digging Deeper

  1. Wow! I loved your post and your idea for combining art with word exploration, both of which are dear to my heart. Wish I could be in your class when you do this. Please let us know how it all works out.

  2. It does require deeper thinking to know why you chose an image, or a color. I like the idea that to dig deeper and admire, you go into an unknown area. Thanks for participating and brainstorming topics with me. I welcome any more ideas. Let mw know when your students are ready for hacking with comments.

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