Being Present

IMG_2236In the spirit of literacy and to ground my thinking in what matters. I join Holly Mueller’s Spiritual Journey Thursday link up.   To reflect on what centers me; on what effects and powers my sense of being.

Holly asked contributors to blog about their one little word. This week it’s  Margaret Simon’s OLW, present,

I find living in the present difficult. I look at what might be, what I want to be, what I’m afraid will be; what I need to do to make sure something does or does not happen. And in all that, I miss out on what’s right in front of me; losing what could be.

I’ve been worried about a possibility. If it happens, and it could happen, it would leave a big hole in my life. With this “maybe”  looming, my mind has been doing a number on my spirit. Thinking about what I could lose, what might be, instead of what is right now.

Stepping on the treadmill this morning, I decided to be “present” in my run. I love running, but I often look at it as a task to be completed. So, as time closed in on the 30-minute mark, I decided to pay attention and appreciate each tenth of a mile.

Each tenth of a mile I ran, I made a decision whether or not to “give myself” another minute of running.  For those of you who hate the whole idea of running,  this may seem crazy, but every extra minute was a tiny gift. Every minute I was in the moment.

Writing this, I realize, that when I enter a classroom, I am in the moment. I am intensely present. I can’t be anywhere else. I am with this child, this group, this class.

100%. Entirely engaged.


Perhaps that’s one reason I love teaching.