Slice of Voxer Life

This summer I found Voxer. And now I can’t imagine life without it.

I’m in a few chats. And I occasionally vox an individual.

One chat is large and filled with educators with a passion for literacy.

The other chat is small and centered on writing and the teaching of writing.

They are always there for me. They fill me up and support me. They are my choir.

Mostly I listen. Sometimes I find myself taking the long way home, or driving around the block a few times just to listen to one more vox.

This morning I found myself sitting in the parking lot at school. Listening, laughing, and then responding. I hate to turn it off.

This evening, I listened. To my good friends all over the country. Talking about their lives, their challenges, their goals. The weather. The traffic. Family get together’s. Books. Things they are thinking. Plans they’re making.

You are my dear, dear friends. My soul sisters. My cousins. My colleagues. I can’t imagine life without you.

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