Poetry Friday: Dipping into the Pool


Hello, Poetry Friday, I’m so glad to be here!

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Thank you, to Donna at MainelyWrite for hosting today.

I’ve been collecting Laura Shovan’s found objects poetry project images on a google doc.

I’ve always been attracted to “found” objects for poetry.  It’s welcoming, an invitation to join in and discover. Thank you, Laura, for your daily inspiration.

The heart holds curved pools

while geometry refracts

life trapped in silver.

Julieanne Harmatz 2016

Carol Varsalona



Jan Annino Godown 



My thumb and finger would drive the eraser wheel

along the edge of my mother’s desk.

The scalloped metal scraping against my skin,

I pressed and spun a path


pink line


on the wooden surface

along the edge of my mother’s desk

until the blue broom turned

to whisk them


Julieanne Harmatz 2016


7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dipping into the Pool

  1. Thanks for sharing your poems. Love the refracted reflection. I didn’t write to this one. (yet) Maybe I’ll catch up this weekend. The different poems fascinate me. Laura has given us all a gift for her birthday.

  2. These were both so different and so beautiful. I love the simplicity of the first alongside that beautiful sculpture. I also loved thinking about you as a child playing with your mother’s eraser. Thank you for sharing your poetic thinking.

  3. These are wonderful Julieanne. I love this line: “The heart holds curved pools” It’s amazing to me how so many people have used these photos to create so many different poems, sometimes even using some of the same words.

  4. I think it is fun to see one poet’s poems from the collection all on one page. We should all do that. We may see some connections in our own works that way. But I especially like seeing familiar poems and making the connection that one person did these. Seems cohesive then!

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