Slice of Life: Just a Word

Last Saturday night we sat outside, under heaters, eating dinner. Talking.

We had an entire conversation about a word.

“The word ‘just’ needs to be eliminated from our language,” my husband proclaimed. “It minimizes what matters and excuses behavior.”

I knew what he meant. He was thinking of all the ways people use the word to lessen their presence, to elude detection.


  • I just forgot.
  • It’s just 20 copies.
  • I’ll be just a minute.

I’ve been thinking about this.

Just can hide. Muffle meaning. Out of subterfuge, embarrassment, or modesty, just can minimize a message.  We have to be careful.

There is a place for just. There are times for its subtlety. Just can soften. Downgrade tension, diminish anxiety. “It’s just to see what we need to work on.” Just can open up a conversation. “I just called to say…” Make a definitive order more palatable. Think of how far “Just do it!” took non-athletes. And what would we do without “This is Just to Say.” 

I’m for noticing. For being alert. For care and understanding of words, for just the right moment.


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