SOL16, Day 4: Moving On

Last night I went to a banquet.
These events are long.
Always on a school night when I have a million things to do.
I got there,
a little late a chair waiting for me.  Held by long-time parent friends.

Her name was called as were the familiar names that line her current world.
Study and work out buddies, club committee members, longtime classmates, clothing and hair approval friends.

And there were names of former students
The “mom do you remember your student…” names.
I do.
Different from your own child. You loose touch and can only imagine.

Those names move on.

Those names that lined my life years ago
and were dreamed for. Worried for.
Taken home knowing I have a small part in what this person  will become
move on.
I felt the weight of my presence in their moments long ago.

Last night, I watched from a distance. Heard their name, heard their speech.
Felt a bit of pride in the young almost adult on the stage.  They were beaming. Acknowledged.

The ones you held close
move on
not looking back.
The ones you’ve lost sleep over
dreamed for
move on
not looking back.

These celebrations make my heart twist.
you move on
But last night, I joyfully looked back.


Thank you, Two Writing Teacher for the Slice of Life March Challenge. This is day 4 of 31, a Friday. Find other slicers posts here.

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This year on Fridays, I’m attempting to slice a bit of poetry and linking into KidLitosphere’s Poetry Friday. Find this week’s hosted by Linda Baie on her blog Teacher Dance.



10 thoughts on “SOL16, Day 4: Moving On

  1. “Those names that lined my life years ago” are names who will always be in your heart. What a treat to be able to step back into their world and see how they have grown since leaving you. Your weary voice at the start changed to one of pride by the end. You know you made a difference for many.

  2. I remember these events in the senior year. My daughters attended the high school that my elementary school fed in to, so I also knew many of the kids as students. It’s amazing to watch them become the people you hope they will become. It saddens me, too, because we always must keep moving. “Someone please stop this train.” (John Mayer)

  3. Julieanne,
    I so live in a small town. Evan graduated 8 years ago, and this is my first year to NOT work at any sporting events at school, BUT I still know our state champion wrestler who was a part of “our names that move on”.

    So many connections! ❤ (and glad to see your slice!)

  4. I know that many move on, and once in a while their faces appear, and I wonder how the lives have gone. I’m in touch with many former students, now grown, some with families already, and it’s a joy to see them, many still the young persons I knew so well. You’ve shown the feelings of a teacher beautifully, Julieanne, those moments of re-connection.

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