SOL16, Day 12: Celebrating a Storm

I’m celebrating rain. We don’t get much of it. I suppose that’s why it can overwhelm us. We just don’t know how to handle it.

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Friday skies were blue. We entered the classroom, closing the door on warm sunshine.

Mid-morning, still clear skies. But lurking, just behind the building were clouds.

By lunch, grey had covered the blue, and wind-pushed leaves gathered at my classroom door. Still, kids wanted the outside.  They left ready for play.

Drops brought everyone back.

I watched. Outside, the rain was gentle. Inside, the giggles and games exploded on the carpet.

Soon, the storm inside quieted.  The errant mancala stone, checker, Jenga block and Apples to Apples card were picked up and returned to the big game box, stored by the sink.

The students found their calm and returned to the business of writing and reading.

I inhaled, grateful for the time to finish up what we had started before lunch.

Then it hit. The rain came crashing down. Every kid was out of their seat at the windows.

Many needed to go to the bathroom. A group noticed the ceiling tiles, claiming there was a leak; perhaps the ceiling was going to cave in. I overheard talk of not wanting to die in the classroom.

Seriously, it had been five minutes of heavy rain. I reassured them there was no leak; the ceiling tiles have always looked that way, and they were safe.

The storm lessened, and relative calm returned.

Today the sun is shining. Gone is the memory of the storm. No wonder they thought the world was coming to an end!


Thank you to Ruth Ayers, for Celebrate This Week and to  Two Writing Teachers blog for the twelveth day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  Your blogs have nurtured my writing life. Find more celebrations and slices here and here.