SOL16, Day 15: Morning Memories

This morning a smell took me back.


with a squishy marbleized mat on the kitchen floor,

Dutch doors split

corralling us, allowing salty air.


This morning a smell took me back.

Sea & Ski.

Chinese Checkers.

Wooden docks.

Brick steps.


This morning a smell took me back.

Worn towel

next to Daddy’s.

Straw hat on, he grabs my brother’s hand

step, step at the water’s edge.


This morning a smell took me back.

Sidewalks frame

the sea wall

that holds high street lights

and evening sand that cling to my feet.


This morning a smell took me back.

Ferry rides.

Ferris wheels.

Cotton candy.

Bumper cars.


This morning a smell took me back.

Packed tight

alleys and telephone poles


the sides of the station wagon.


This morning that smell took me back 

Foggy beginnings,

quiet evenings


Magical dribble castles washed away.


Every summer, my parents would rent a beach house. The kids were allowed to run free in this island town. Unbelievable simple and sweet times. This morning, triggered by the smell of my shampoo, those memories came back.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers Blog for the March Slice of Life Challenge to write daily. Writing forces me to notice and remember details that make up my past and present. Read more slices here.



21 thoughts on “SOL16, Day 15: Morning Memories

  1. Oh, so lovely and so simple. I love the repetition, the memories that floated back into your mind. I was waiting with anticipation for the smell that brought you back, thinking it was a food. Shampoo was a surprise! Thanks for a lovely read!

  2. Scent is such a powerful trigger, and you captured the details of your seaside memories so well! Thanks for allowing us to join in.

  3. You are so right, smells are transporters. Love it when a smell or sound takes you back to a pleasant place and time. What a wonderful place you had every summer!

  4. Smell is such a powerful trigger — this is such a lovely poem. I love how it tells a story and brings us with you every step of the way. I was wondering what smell triggered it – so I am glad you shared it. Hoping I am providing these types of memories for my kids… important to remember -simple and sweet times. Thank you

  5. We’re headed for our 5th year on the beach. I hope my grandchildren keep those memories too, Julieanne. I love reading all the things you remember.

  6. Smells are so very powerful. Strangely I love the mixture of diesel and cigarette smoke (although hate both smells individually) because it reminds me of living in Slovakia. This piece was really wonderful. I too felt transported!

  7. Smells are such strong memory makers and yet there are so few words to describe them. Your poem took me through your experience. I could smell, taste, feel, and see it.

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