SOL16, Day 16: Noticing Matters

I walked past his desk. He looked at me and said, “This is great, but won’t this put a lot of pressure on you, Mrs. Harmatz?”

“It’s no problem. But thank you for saying that. It’s kind to notice and say something.”

What I had promised was going to take me time. Everyday. He was right; it would put a little extra pressure on me. But, that’s what I do.

Teachers do things all the time for students.

Kids are typically caught up in their ownness. They don’t seem to notice. That’s normal.  I am willing to bet most kids notice what we do, but they rarely say anything. Yesterday K did both. Whoa. I guess it mattered. 

After school, it was quiet; the sky was getting dark. A few more things before I go.

I sat down. Collated, organized, and got each student’s file ready. Set them on their desks. Made sure every table had pens and post-its, checked the charges on the Chromebooks, and turned off the lights.

Walking down the hall, I remember K’s words. He was right. It took some time. It put a little extra pressure on me. And while I would have done it without the comment, tonight I knew it was appreciated.

The power of a few words.

It was a great gift; I will remember.

Thank you, K.

And thank you, Two Writing Teachers Blog. The daily March Slice of Life Challenge has made me more aware. I am noticing. That’s what writing does. Read more slices here.