SOL16, Day 23: Goodnight Louisiana

The month of March is winding down and even though I’m on Spring Break, the writing time hasn’t gotten bigger, or easier.

Fatigued from the day, from the challenge, I am looking to sort things out with you in writing.

To those who visit this space, thank you. You are dear friends. It is an honor to be with you on this journey.

We walk and walk
Stand and listen.
Any questions?
Solicitous but scary.
That’s how college tours go.

I’ve been down this road before.
I know.
But I forgot.
Why didn’t I wear more comfortable shoes?
I look around.
The family from Chicago

The family from Minnesota

The family from Arkansas

We walk and walk.
Stand and listen.
Tiger Stadium, the fans, the band, Mike the Tiger
The library where you can hear a pin drop on the fourth floor
The 24/7 cameras assuring that, we take the safety of our students seriously
Late nights
Large classes
Emotions go



We walk and walk.
Stand and listen.
Old and new
Green beauty and classic buildings
They say,
I can’t imagine another college experience.

This is my home.

This is my family.

But how does she feel?
Is it home?
Is it family?
It’s not my decision.
It’s not my life.

This is my girl.

This is my heart.


Goodnight Louisiana.

You are big and beautiful, small and uncharted; filled with possibilities and unknowns.

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