SOL16, Day 23: Goodnight Louisiana

The month of March is winding down and even though I’m on Spring Break, the writing time hasn’t gotten bigger, or easier.

Fatigued from the day, from the challenge, I am looking to sort things out with you in writing.

To those who visit this space, thank you. You are dear friends. It is an honor to be with you on this journey.

We walk and walk
Stand and listen.
Any questions?
Solicitous but scary.
That’s how college tours go.

I’ve been down this road before.
I know.
But I forgot.
Why didn’t I wear more comfortable shoes?
I look around.
The family from Chicago

The family from Minnesota

The family from Arkansas

We walk and walk.
Stand and listen.
Tiger Stadium, the fans, the band, Mike the Tiger
The library where you can hear a pin drop on the fourth floor
The 24/7 cameras assuring that, we take the safety of our students seriously
Late nights
Large classes
Emotions go



We walk and walk.
Stand and listen.
Old and new
Green beauty and classic buildings
They say,
I can’t imagine another college experience.

This is my home.

This is my family.

But how does she feel?
Is it home?
Is it family?
It’s not my decision.
It’s not my life.

This is my girl.

This is my heart.


Goodnight Louisiana.

You are big and beautiful, small and uncharted; filled with possibilities and unknowns.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers Blog for the Slice of Life March Challenge. Read more slices here.



19 thoughts on “SOL16, Day 23: Goodnight Louisiana

  1. I remember taking my son around to visit colleges. It seemed like such a crap-shoot to me. How can you really know a place by visiting it for a couple of hours? It’s an awful lot of money to spend on a gamble, but that’s how it’s done here in the USA. Crazy if you ask me. Good luck with your decision.

  2. It seems appropriate to respond to this after walking eight miles today, March 22, and from a different time zone six hours earlier. I suppose I’m walking toward you as I have shared similar shoe regrets!

  3. My oldest is just getting ready to enter middle school, but I actually think about the college search to come pretty often. You’ve captured it so well. I hope your daughter finds her “home”…and your feet feel better!

  4. Julieanne, a mother leaves her child-a touching poem with a fit ending: “You are big and beautiful, small and uncharted; filled with possibilities and unknowns.”

  5. Such a beautiful picture of your rising and falling emotions. The picture adds to this image with the big open sky. So much to think about. So many worries. All will be well. It will be well.

  6. What a lovely summary of your day but yet there is so much emotion tied into this piece. I love the way you laid it out, stretching lines across the screen. It is a big decision and yes, it is your daughter’s to make, but guidance from mom is critical too. Good luck on the search!

  7. Ahhh… sniffle, snuff. Your girl indeed!
    The shape of your poem is a perfect companion to the words. A perfect peak into a tough time. It is her time to fly, and even though it is what we are supposed to do– to let go– that is not easy or natural or even fun. There, I said it!

  8. Walk & walk, talk & talk. That’s what I remember, too, Julieanne, and also watching my daughter’s reactions. Best wishes in this exciting for daughter, tough for mother, time.

  9. Your poem spoke to me. “She will make her own decisions.” Makes mom’s heart proud. At the same time a wave of sadness rolls over too. Hard to see a child growing up. The transition out of home was much easier for my daughters than for me.

  10. It’s a journey, and and some point we become the bystanders not the participants – but you are with her now, and very much part of this journey. This was such a sweet and reflective slice.

  11. Oh – wringing out my heart right now! My boys are freshman and junior…my time’s coming. This poem is beautifully written and stirs the mother’s soul.

  12. College tours were MY favorite thing to do…then when rejection letters came with my first, I was annoyed and felt so helpless. But in the end, both mine were chosen and studied for 4 years and are happy graduates now! But reading your poem, brings it ALL back. I love how you made your words more across the page to match the mood. Good luck with this search.

  13. We are in the same place — I have a high school senior who hasn’t decided where to go yet. It *is* a time full of possibilities and unknowns! Best of luck to your family.

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