SOL16, Day 31: Self Assessment

I ask my students to self-evaluate. To reflect. To celebrate their growth. Time for me to do the same on the last day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.

For the record, at this moment, this is how I see writing.
I call myself a writer. Sometimes.

I am a better writer today than I was yesterday.
Everything I write isn’t better than the last thing I wrote.

My sentences are less complicated.
I used to love semicolons. Now I’m crazy about periods. Maybe it’s a phase.

Structure fascinate me.
Sentences move in ways that surprise me.

How writing ends is usually not how it begins.
The shortest pieces often take the most time.

I worry that I keep saying the same thing.
I worry that I have nothing to say.

I’m more comfortable with dialogue.
I’m less fearful of poetry.

I hear my mom in my writing.
I found dear friends by writing.

Crying when I write happens. Out of nowhere.
Being bold and honest in writing is a worthy challenge.

Feedback and audience matters.

Writing changes everything.



Thank you to Two Writing Teachers Blog. To Anna, Betsy, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Stacey, and Tara. You have made my writing life a possibility. Read more slices here.