Poetry Friday: Floaties

If I let it, all it takes is a phrase, a word to spur me on to write poetry.

This line, swimming in an ocean of unknowns, from Elisabeth Ellington’s poem spoke to me.  Leigh Anne’s poem about her little corner of the world inspired Elisabeth to write.

My students and I are similar this way. We hold on to the poets around us. They support us.  We use a word, structure, an idea to give us confidence. Then we can let go of the edge and swim in the deep end.


Swimming in an ocean of unknowns
as if I know what will happen
I’m holding on.

Moving in the turbulence,
exuberance spills
and bounces voices around the room.

Words jump, and we grab
and let thoughts grow between
as they settle on the page.

Thank you, Laura Purdie Salas, for the Poetry Friday Round Up on  Writing the World for Kids.

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