Celebrate This Week: Mulling

cropped-2014-07-19-09-01-15.jpgI mull. It’s the way I process.  I’ve become an approximator out of necessity. I have to be ok with “close to” actions; otherwise, I’d always be mulling.

When I mull, I draft ideas. I read. I scrounge around on websites and blogs, in magazines and books. I write. I scribble in notebooks and blog posts, tweets and texts.
And I talk. I synthesize in discussion with colleagues, over coffee and after school.

This takes time and presence. Finding someone who is open to dialogue, to lend an ear, their heart and mind to your concerns, can be challenging, a scarce commodity.

Today I want to celebrate those who take the time to talk, to mull with me. Some in person, some on voxer and some in “conversation” on blogs or Twitter. Conversation instigates ideas for my teaching or writing life. It keeps the cycle alive so that I can act. Jenn Hayhurst and Jill DeRosa do this work well. Read about their process here.

Some are uncomfortable with my mulling and approximating tendencies. And I don’t blame them. The time it takes, and the slipperiness of it can be painful. People want schedules and steps, amounts and measures, curriculums with day one through day twenty. I need those things too. To mull over, to check the accuracy of my approximations.

It takes time and I celebrate my colleagues who take the time to talk to mull things over with me. Read more celebrations here on Ruth Ayers blog that celebrates the week.

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