Celebrate: Time To Be


I have a mental list:
books to read
pages to write
classes to take
presentations to craft
connections to keep
books to read
planes to catch
closets to organize
a school year to envision
plants to water
hours to sleep
lists to make
books to read

It’s possible.
In the early a.m.
in the bright light
the world comes into focus,
sharp edges and clean lines
and the list of
to do’s

This week
I celebrate
the time
to be.
celebrate link up
Thank you, Ruth for this time and place to
celebrate this week.
Find other celebrations here.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate: Time To Be

  1. Time is “be” is a treasure, and you can wind all those other things into that time, but don’t forget to take it first! Happy Summer, Julieanne.

  2. Yes “to be” before “to do.” I think that the schooldays keep us so busy that we forget how to be in the present moment. Slowing down needs practice. I bet you will enjoy the moment and also get many if not all things done on your mental to-do list.

  3. I loved having time this weekend to fall into books. I felt like my summer had finally begun. šŸ™‚

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