Celebrate: Mentors

This week I celebrate mentors.
I celebrate ideas that guide my life.
I celebrate people who invite me in and support me through the questions and doubts life presents.

I stand beside them. Watch. Imitate. Follow. And join in.
I fly path a path of my creation with their guidance in my pocket.

Sometimes the mentors are professional books.
I celebrate the texts that grace my teaching life this summer. I’m writing in the margins. Writing reflections. Imagining how this could go. Each one will find its way into my teaching next year.

Sometimes the mentors are books that transport and inspire understanding.
I celebrate these books and the journeys I’ve been on.

Sometimes the mentors are bloggers:
I celebrate link ups and the communities they foster. Without them, I would not be the teacher, writer, or person I am.  Ruth, your invitation to join in and celebrate opened the door for me. I was welcomed. Without that I would not have been brave enough to venture on to Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers and then to Poetry Friday. Each place has been a safe spot that nurtured me.

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Sometimes the mentors are virtual discussions.
I celebrate the Good to Great Voxer chat. This group is like family. Offering unconditional trust and compassion.  Their actions and words show me how to be my best in this world. Thank you, Mary Howard, for your infinite support. Thank you. Jenn Hayhurst and Amy Brennan, for your wisdom in finding Mary and creating such a group of individuals.

Sometimes the mentors are right there in front of me.
I celebrate the opportunity to learn and be with friends.
Last week, Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris extended an invitation to be with them at ILA as they presented their new book Who’s Doing the Work. Those moments of learning and friendship  will hold me  up this coming school year.
In two days, I will be with Tara Smith, Kimberley Moran, and Margaret Simon. I can’t wait!

This week I celebrate my many beautiful mentors.


11 thoughts on “Celebrate: Mentors

  1. I know I always say this- but your posts inspire me through and through. And this one made me stop and pause and think about mentors. And you know what I realized? I’ve drawn a whole lot of inspiration from you- ever since our lunch at TCRWP. I find your ability to zero in and see things so clearly truly inspiring. i wish we lived closer and crossed paths more, but I am glad we get some of that “virtual” connection.
    And yes- it is funny that we all have Claires!

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me. I too think back to that morning at TC. I feel so lucky to have been with you and to continue our friendship virtually. We are mentors for each other.

  2. I’m envying your time next week, and hope you all have a marvelous time, imagine it will be a good one. All of us who are learners, as you are, count on that mentoring support, take from it what is good to add to our lives. I enjoyed all the ways you explained about your mentoring, Julieanne.

  3. Taking time to stop and think of all the mentors in our life is so important. I think you captured that spirit here perfectly. We are blessed to have this space to connect with others to learn from and with them. Other professions should be so lucky! (Have a great time with Tara, Kimberley and Margaret!!)

  4. I am grateful to have a mentor like you! Your writing inspires me. We share so many of the same mentors. I loved spending time with you at ILA! I will be thinking of you and the amazing time you get to spend with Tara, Kimberley and Margaret. I look forward to your celebration post from that special gathering of beautiful hearts and brilliant minds!

  5. I love your celebration of mentors. In a quiet way, I suppose I have shared in this celebration this week, too, thinking of those who have shaped me and influenced the professional I am (and am growing to be, still). I hope you enjoy your time with mentors next week, too.

  6. I feel so very honored to be on your amazing list of mentors, but more than that, I am honored and blessed to be your friend. Just one more day!

  7. Julieanne, mentors are such important people who support, nuture, and bring us joy. Enjoy your time with your special friends and send us back messages of joy.

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