Poetry Friday: The Magic of Three

Dear Kimberley, Margaret, and Tara,

This week you’ve given the magic of three.
A mystical combination of nature, words, and peace.
I’ve soaked up daily gifts of food, laugher, and kindness.
Thank you, dear teacher writer friends.


Bedlam Bounty

Light climbs and cuts
the mountain mist.
Dew coats my feet
and I wait for warmth.

High above
wildflower bouquets sprinkle
the tall grass.
Coveting the color
I reach and pull to the table
dignified Queen Anne beauties
the daylilies seize up protesting their importation
from the field to the vase.

 Afternoon sounds soothe.
The fans whir, chimes join the trees’ rustle,
an intermittent tree frog
punctuates a soft breeze
and shadows lengthen memories I take home.


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