Celebrate This Week: Food, Family, and History

The summer slips by and days are filled with ordinary: clear skies, soft breezes. I am grateful for this gentle time.

This week I celebrate the ordinary that surround summer and a few extraordinary moments.

When someone cooks for you, it is more than a meal. The care it takes to plan, create, and give is an act of love. This week a chicken curry dinner found its way across the country into three homes.

The meal was a gift to the three.
Each took the memory
from the east
to the west
to the north
to the south
to spice and feed collective hearts.

 College starts in a few weeks for my girl. I’m lucky. She’s a planner. She knows what to do and when to do it. She’s got it all mapped out. We traveled south to get her classes, to see her dorm room. It was just a day trip to get ready. Not the final move. That comes later, in four weeks. Mixed emotions. Highs and lows have taken up residence at my house.

The last child is about to go.
She registers as
I sit beside parents.
We share pride and worry.

The last child at home a few weeks more
then off to test her wings
in unknown territory.
We share pride and worry.


The Democratic National Convention was the centerpiece at dinnertime this week. We sat and watched each speech on my laptop centered on the kitchen table. The three of us sat to bear witness to a historic moment. More than once I was moved to tears.

She works in the supporting role
doing difficult, necessary jobs.
Mopping floors and faces.
Repairing fences and opening doors.

She stands behind
so leadership is questioned.
But I say one
who does for those who can’t
can lead us to kind.


Thank you, Ruth, for Celebrate this Week link up. Read more celebrations here.



9 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week: Food, Family, and History

  1. I love the way you translated your extraordinary moments into poetry. Each photo a perfect complement to the words. Yes, history was made. I only hope I will not have to move to Canada too. Perhaps we can start our own colony of like-minded people. 🙂

  2. Thanks for celebrating our shared chicken curry. It will appear on our weekly menu since it was such a hit. I’ll think of the four of us each time I make it. And tears welled thinking of this time when your girl is testing her wings. And then this “one
    who does for those who can’t
    can lead us to kind.” Such profound and hopeful words. I’m with her!

  3. Lovely post, beautiful photos, and great celebrations. We spent our evenings watching the convention also. Love the hopeful tone of your poems. Blessings as you enter this transition year with an empty nest.

  4. That curry looks delicious! Are you ok with sharing the recipe? These are ordinary things you talk about, yet they are the bread and butter of our lives. I love what you said about preparing meals…it is work that is done out of love. Saying goodbye to a college-bound child is bittersweet; the changes ahead are profound. The first inkling of a woman for President is a rite of passage for the country. I’m with her, too. (See my post on Tuesday SOL.) These are all cause for celebration.

  5. I am so glad I didn’t miss this one, dear Julieanne! What a joy. You have such a way with words. Off your girl goes. You’ve done it well.

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