Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

Welcome, beautiful  Poetry Friday Poets!

I chose to host this week as a birthday gift to myself. Receiving your lovely contributions will extend my celebration throughout the weekend. So thanks to all who connect!

This time next week I will be in school with my new set of kiddos introducing poetry.

In previous years, I held poetry back
till later in the year.
Because  we needed to get to the “important” things,
because it was “too fun” for the beginning of school,
because I was saving it for the “just right” time,
because I wasn’t sure about how it “should” go.

But this year,

I’m not holding back.
I’m starting first thing.
Because poetry is where important things start and end,
because poetry can feel like play and what better way to learn,
because the right time for poetry is when readers and writers meet
because if allowed,
poetry can direct the adventure.

This year I’m not holding back.


Next Thursday, the day with the least interruptions and the most possibility, and every Thursday after that, we will venture.