Slice of Life: Do Not Read

I picked up his paper post. He had put in a pile with the other practice posts I have students do before they blog. I call it paper blogging. It’s a test run for our Kidblog site.

A post-it covered his paper stating, “Do not read.”

Curious. Compliance mixed with self-preservation?

When he came to class, I asked what he had in mind, re-explaining the purpose of paper posts, reminding him of the social aspects of blogging. “Perhaps this isn’t what you want to share?”

The look on his face said what I thought after I said it. Dumb question. Of course not!

I assured him I didn’t read it and suggested he tape it in his Writer’s Notebook, adding that is the space for things we want to keep private.

He got the tape and secured it inside.

“D,” who sits across from him, was watching. She asked him to pass the tape and placed her paper post in her notebook.

“E” followed suit.

Apparently, three out of six students at this table had written something that was for their eyes only.

Later each shared another piece of writing for the blog. They commented on others and read their comments. Joyfully. The other work tucked away.

Without a doubt, my students love the blog. And, they need their notebooks.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays. I am grateful for this space to practice what I preach.  Read more posts here.