Celebrate Time

Last night we drove downtown to meet the seven pm train from San Diego. Walking toward the art deco entrance, I looked south. Geography obscured the modern, skinny skyscrapers. Only City Hall, once the tallest tower, beamed in the distance.

Entering Union Station’s renovated building is oasis-like. High ceilings hold chandeliers. Doublewood ornate chairs with brown cushions line the waiting area. A courtyard garden offers outside seating, light, and air. Passengers amble to and from trains. Slow, TSAless travel.

On the platform, I pulled my sweater tight fending off the evening chill.

The weather and rhythm of school have replaced summer. Three weeks in, the year chugs toward schedules, timelines, checklists, and standards. Momentum will build, daylight hours will evaporate, and time will shrink. But this weekend, our holiday calendar provides an oasis. A respite to reflect and refine.

This weekend I celebrate the time to study and acknowledge my students:

their joy reading and writing anything they want,
their eager conversations on the way to lunch,
their edging towards beautiful language and meaningful endings,
their uninhibited sharing of themselves from the squirrel they caught to the brother they lost to the friendship bracelets I proudly wear.

I celebrate my students’ growing trust, enthusiasm, and hope.

I celebrate the great gift it is to be a teacher.

This week I celebrate with others @ Ruth Ayer’s blog Discover, Play, Build. Read other celebrations here.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate Time

  1. You’re right to call our Labor Day weekend an oasis. I remember well how welcome it was after our school starting, needing the respite, but also glad we were on our way. FYI-our Union Station has been lately renovated too & is a great place to go. The trains are there, too, and a hotel among restaurants, a bookstore and an ice cream shop. Happy Weekend, Julieanne.

  2. You are so good at taking notice of the things that surround you. Have a great long weekend. Spend some time on yourself.

  3. Love reading your words – they are a celebration! I hope you’re savoring this oasis. And I like the TSAless slow (and less stress) of the train station too.

  4. Julieanne, I enjoyed reading about your noticings and your students’ discoveries. The line that struck me is “their edging towards beautiful language and meaningful endings…” You have captured their interest so that they can recognize the beauty of language and the art of uncovering meaning.

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