Slice of Life: Receiving Book Love

On Saturday this was on the dining room table.

My son walks up. “I found it at the library sale. Thought you’d like it.”

“It’s beautiful!  Thank you, I just read about this (on Amy Ludwig Vanderwater’s blog). Let me pay you back.”

“It was a dollar. My gift to you. Want to see what else I got?” He pulls out two stacks of books. Tall stacks. Ten dollars worth.  “Borrow anything you like.”

After pursuing through his purchases, I head out. To the library.

The first Saturday of every month, the blessed local library hosts a book sale. Every time I go, I find something quite extraordinary.

Deep in the literature and poetry section, I hear a familiar voice. I walk over to look.


He looks up like he expected to see me. “Hey, I bought this for your kids. I thought they’d love it.” He hands me a great little book about the states.  “Oh, and I saw a Langston Hughes book in the back section. Did you see it? It’s back here.”

We walk back to dig and find gems.

He looks at me. “I’d promised myself I wouldn’t stay too long.” A few more passes through book boxes, and he pulls himself away. We say goodbye.

At some point after that, I’m at the register with an arm full of books.

“You’re a teacher?” the cashier asks.

I nod.

She counts my books. Mumbling to herself. Calculating. She looks up at me and says, “One dollar.”

I laugh. “Are you kidding?”

“You’re a teacher. Anything for the kids.”

Stunned, I walk to my car. Not at the cost of the lovely books, but at the book love I received.

Thank you, to the people in my life who think of me and give me books.It doesn’t get much better.

And, thank you, Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesdays. And tRead more slices here.


15 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Receiving Book Love

  1. What a wonderful story of book love. Our library sales are awesome, but only two times a year! I think it is great to hear about your thoughtful son, too. Those small moments fill us up! Have a happy day, Julieanne.

  2. Now that’s better than Christmas! And I thought I was lucky to have a library that has a small room for used books that I can browse whenever I like. But a book sale every month…you are indeed blessed. Love that your son is such an avid reader…mine is too, when he has time. And that Mary Oliver volume…. I am jealous. Thanks for sharing such a rich, book-loving family with us.

  3. Book love indeed! Where to begin? Your son gifting you a special book, but also having his own stacks of treasures. A friend who thinks of you and your students. Plus an incredible bargain in purchasing, bless that woman! Now that’s an awesome kind of day!

  4. What a wonderful example of spreading book love! I spent some time this weekend boxing books to give to our library for the annual (not monthly) book sale. I always go and stock up. I can’t believe you got Mary Oliver and Langston Hughes. Not only are you rich in books, you are rich in poetry.

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