Poetry Friday: A Little Poem

“Meet me on the carpet with your poetry notebook,” I said yesterday.

We do poetry every Thursday. Usually.
But last week was Thanksgiving
and the prior week was NCTE.

I ‘ve missed reading poetry with my students.
I wondered, have they?
I could have skipped it this week.
With all the holiday crazy interruptions,
it would have been easy.
There is no time.
I had the perfect poem.
I thought.
Would they?

“Yay! Poetry!” I heard someone say.

It made my day.
I didn’t know,
I couldn’t tell,
if they cared.
I guess they do.

When they all gathered, I said, “When I was in Atlanta, a poet named Amy Ludwig VanDerwater shared this poem with us. I thought you’d like it.”

We read.
We talked.
We wrote.


Yay! Poetry!

Happy Friday and thank you, Bridget, for hosting Poetry Friday roundup this week at wee words for wee ones.



13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Little Poem

  1. Oh, THANK YOU, for sharing these responses! A little poem CAN do a lot to help, and yes, we can get through a lot by doing the thing we love AND peaceful words can bring us “up.” What lucky students to have you leading them through poetry, Julianne. Thank you! xo

  2. I found myself fascinated by the writing below David Budbill. Did the child mean bellies or bullies? Either one works I think, but leads us off into different emotional states. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Amen and Amen. I heard “YAY! Poetry Friday! I love Poetry Friday!” yesterday morning and felt the same surge of happiness!

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