Celebrate This Week: Patience and Faith

Patience may be a virtue, but it is not one of mine. I’m not good at waiting for things.  Faith is another quality I run out of from time to time.  As a teacher, both of these traits are tested on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago, T wanted to start a book club focused on books that had been made into movies. Her idea was to read the book then watch the film at recess. I had a quantity of The Bridge to Terabithia, so I suggested it as a possibility. I knew it would be a challenge for some, but spirits were willing and the box of 20 copies emptied with promises to read over the Thanksgiving break.

We returned. No one had finished. Many had not started.
But, with the reminder of a movie, several promised to finish.

Friday came. T brought snacks, and the carpet was packed. Too packed. didn’t have enough to share. She looked at me, in a panic.

I asked one of the boys wrestling in the front row to come over. A few questions later and it was apparent, he had not read the book. Others got the message and left. I was sad for T. and, sad in a different way, for those who thought they could take advantage of her generosity.

Seven remained. C sat beside me. Ready to watch. She reads graphic novels, exclusively. Had she read the book?  If she hadn’t, seeing the movie might inspire her to read. With ten minutes left in recess, I started the movie, and C starts to talk. About the book. Without question, she read it. This week, I celebrate those who give me faith in spite of those who test my patience.


At NCTE, I collected so many books. And rather than schlepping them from session to session to the hotel and then onto the plane  I thought I’d have them shipped home.

But then… They didn’t come. Days and days went by. A week. And a day. Another day. Every day, I’d come home to no box, no books.  I began to lose hope. Nearly two weeks had passed.

But then…Finally,  this morning, a FedEx box appeared on my doorstep.
Opening this treasure of books felt like Christmas.

This week I celebrate the ups and downs of patience and faith.

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7 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week: Patience and Faith

  1. Patience and faith are so necessary and yet, so often tested. I love hearing about your students. How can you watch a whole movie at recess? Do they keep coming back, day after day? So glad your books finally came, almost a whole week behind mine, but you do live a long way away!

  2. Hooray to the books arriving at our doorsteps at last! And hooray for this celebration:”This week, I celebrate those who give me faith.” You, my friend, give me faith.

  3. When things don’t go the way we wish and the patience wears thin, finding the celebrations gives strength and hope.

  4. It is hard to be patient, and then the worry tries to slip in, too. This is a grand celebration of two things we could all use a bit more of.

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