Poetry Friday: Haiku for Healing

It’s Poetry Friday (actually Saturday morning). Thank you to Jone at Check it Out for hosting.


At the end of November, I saw Mary Lee Hahn’s haiku challenge. A challenge to heal our souls with a little poetry.

At the time, I thought, how perfect. A place to check in and take a breath. I shall read.  I’m a fan of short and simple.

And then, I thought, perhaps I’ll try. Counting gives me fits, but it’s  only three lines. No pressure. So for the past ten days, I sit and play with words. A daily journal.

Thank you, Mary Lee and all who share a #haikuforhealing.
Your words make my heart smile.

First Ten Days

red sky daybreak brings
patchwork blue and white morning
sparkling evening

sunlight sneaks above
the darkness silhouetting
bravely undressed trees

hummingbirds hover
above California blooms
sweet winter whirring

refracting waves wash
worn pebbles, tidepool critters
breathe deep, in and out

cloud cover tries to steal
the hope of day still light leaks
promises to keep

impending winter
solstice stars and planets rise
nature’s adornment

chilly nights evoke
cravings for piles of blankets
cups of steaming soup

strange silent classroom
empty chairs, lights out, door shuts
crickets come to life

dreams and hope hang
on little shoulders walking home
uphill climb ahead

haiku thoughts sprinkle
early morning late night hours
moments of solace