Poetry Friday: Lifting the Veil

After reading Jan Burkins’ post about her One Little Word, Open, I happened on to a poem by  Mary Oliver that seemed to fit perfectly. I sent a picture via tweet. Her reply has me on a hunt for my “OLP” for 2017. One that might keep my eyes lifted towards my OLW and the world.
A quick google search of “lift and poetry” found this quote and the original source, Shelley’s essay A Defense of Poetry. I was not an English major, so this manifesto written in 1821 is new to me. The twenty-plus pages are worthy of study. There are many lines to be lifted.

For today, this line lifts me. And reminds me of the haiku a day challenge Mary Lee Hahn started in December.

Lift  Percy Shelley.png

Poetry does this and more. Looking closely and attempting to articulate what I see, lifts the veil; helping me find words and new ideas each day.

Sun streaks down the chair
infiltrating the bedroom
Wayward clouds linger

Thank you, Linda, for hosting Poetry Friday. Read more poetry thoughts, here, at Teacher Dance.poetry-friday-1-1


13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Lifting the Veil

  1. Yes, poetry does make us look more closely, and appreciate what we see al the more. Love your poem…and the green I see out your window. It will be very long before we see green here in the NorthEast!

  2. “Lifting the veil” is so hopeful during a time when we need hope. And it is so nice to sunbeams during winter days here in the midwest! Now I am off to read Jan’s post.

  3. What a beautiful post! It shows how your OLW lift is making its gentle way into your life. You lifted Jan up with your message. You lift me up with your friendship. Keep lifting!

  4. I have “lifted” that Shelley quote to add to my stash of quotes about poetry. And finding OLP is another idea I can add to my OLW activities for the year. Thanks for this lovely post.

  5. I collect poems and quotes about poetry, will save this one. I admire the effort you made to share with your friend, then follow up by reading Shelley’s essay.I’ve loved your sharing of the beauty of the world in your haiku, Julieanne.

  6. Oh how I love the way you think. I love how you use the phrase “lift the words or lines”, it makes it seem like we use them to raise them higher for understanding. Your poem brings me with you to your home. xo

  7. I’m so thankful for this Poetry Friday community, because I feel like I’m truly experiencing poetry for the first time. In my old school days poetry seemed obscure, cold and dead, a dusty relic of a centuries past. I’ve been able now to experience poetry’s remarkable ability not to obscure, but to reveal. Thank you for sharing this celebration of poetry!

  8. The Shelley quote is beautiful! I regularly tell kids that poetry helps us see the world through different eyes. Think I’m going to see what my older students can do with this quote. I have enjoyed being part of the haiku community- ok, I actually enjoy reading everyone else’s more than writing my own. You have really captured that quality of light. So beautiful!

  9. I love everything about this, Julieanne. Mary Oliver’s poem is sublime, and even English majors need to be reminded of Shelly’s words now and then! Thank you for sharing them today.

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