Poetry Friday: Marilyn Singer’s In My Hand

The business of school is back. Lots to do with my fifth graders.
Even with the busy, crazy, rainy days, a predictable schedule helps.
Predictable means poetry on Thursday.

This Poetry Thursday I planned to take them a step beyond noticing, naming, and connecting. A tiny step toward writing and playing with words.

falling-down-the-page.jpgturned to a favorite: Georgia Heard’s Falling Down the Page.  I wanted a poem that was straightforward in meaning and replicable in structure.

Marilyn Singer’s In My Hand seemed just right. The list of things that one might hold pulls each child to the page. Then with a closer look, the rhyme is exposed and the clever use of verbs. All things kids love to do. This poem invites. You can’t help but want to play with nouns and verbs.

In My Hand

I like to hold in my hand
a baseball,
a shell,
a fistful of sand,
a feather,
a letter,
a red rubber band.
Things that tickle,
Things that trickle.
Things to snap and toss and fold
or just hold.

I collected my students’ poetry notebooks.
to lift their lines and the things they hold dear.

In Their Hands
by Room 5

The things we put in our hands say a lot.
They reflect current crazes and
things loved for ages.
a paint brush
a gemstone
a puppy
a phone
a fistful of orbeez
a stress ball
a baby
a chocolate ice cream cone.
a basketball
a ninja star
a green glob of slime
a lizard
a tech deck
a bookmark that keeps time
Things to squish and to squeeze.
Things that drip, lick, and coo.
Things to play with, to keep you dry, and protect you.
Things that bounce.
Things that move
Things that can set a mood
Things to paint from the heart.
Things that can soothe
Things that are made only for you,
but it’s a beautiful world so share it too.


Poetry Friday is hosted by Keri Collins at Keri Recommends.





13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Marilyn Singer’s In My Hand

  1. I love this glimpse into your classroom. When poetry works in the classroom, it speaks volumes. I always find kids are so proud of their poetry work. It’s like they’ve cracked a code.

  2. I love “Falling Down The Page” & the Singer poem is new to me. What a wonderful mentor for your students. Those lifted lines are terrific, too: “Things that drip, lick, and coo.”

  3. I need to get this book and I loved the example you shared from your students notebooks. I bet my second graders would enjoy something like this.

  4. Delightful! And, your post really makes me want to write. I love the response and the prompt you offer.Thanks so much. Hugs and high-fives to those fifth graders and their teacher!

  5. I love the joie d’vivre the kids show with their list, creating a little world with those things. I especially like the three lines: “Things that bounce./ Things that move/ Things that can set a mood.”

  6. That you are the kind of teacher who finds poetry in her students’ words…speaks volumes.

    Can I come be in your class?

  7. A bookmark that keeps time!? It might tell me I’ve spent too much time reading and not enough time doing housework. 🙂 I’m glad your students feel safe with you and can share what they love to put in their hands!

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