Life skills

As much as I try to take a day at a time, and have a schedule that grounds me, I get thrown. Last night’s news report declaring a dip in the cost of oil, coupled with several state governments’ move to open up and relax restrictions, was one of those moments.

Life vs. livelihood. What is the later one worth without the former? What could this mean for the safety of my family, my students, and their families? I went to bed, wondering which way the scales were tipping.

Mornings shine brighter and lighter. When our conferences start, students’ faces peer back at me through my computer and lift my spirit. Our classroom community floats on. Catching the wind of what could be and what students can imagine. Nothing has stopped their wondering, trying, and growing.

Conversations live on.  Student to student.  Demonstrating resilience and agency.

“I looked at the time, and thought, oh no! I gotta get to the meeting.”
” I can’t find my writer’s notebook, so I’m using paper until I find it.”
“I didn’t get it at first, but you helped me.”
“That’s ok. We learn from our mistakes.”
“Who wants to set up the zoom call?”
“I think I’m going to make my gameboard out of boxes from the recycling.”
“We worked together on this with Google Duo.”
“I figured it out.”
“You see where it says, students? Click on that.”
“Oh, now I see. Thanks.”

I am so proud of the life my students are creating and the essential skills they are unknowingly tackling. Skills that breed hope.

My gratitude goes out to the families and the students who rise up and give their all daily.


6 thoughts on “Life skills

  1. I’m trying hard to focus on the here and now, not worry about the future, but it’s hard. There is so much bad news. Students will help. I look forward to seeing yours and mine today.

  2. I love all that you’ve noticed here about your students’ learning. There are soooo many opportunities for learning right now–far beyond what we can manage to do in the classroom. Life skills, cooperation, communication, asking for help, becoming comfortable with vulnerability–all vital things we can notice that our students are experiencing right now. And yes, I hear you on getting thrown by things in the news. I have never had my faith in the essential goodness of humanity so shaken as it is now. It’s very disappointing!

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