I consciously create routines. Things like the bed has to be made before I shower. Strange, but it gives me a sense of order and control.

My cat has routines as well. When and where to sleep. When to eat, drink, when to go outside. Occasionally he varies his routine, and I wonder why. It can be concerning. Is he feeling well? Most likely he varies things because he’s bored. Sometimes I think he changes it up to get a reaction.

Recently, he has decided to curl up at the foot of my bed in the morning. When I saw him there, I felt guilty for disturbing him. I assumed the minute I started to pull at the sheets he’d jump up. I was mistaken.

He had no intention of moving.

At all.

At first, it was amusing.

Then, as I struggled to straighten the comforter,

it became irritating.

I managed to get the bed in order

and he continued his nap.

Napping during bed making has become his new routine.

I can’t help but think this is his way of disrupting the system. My system.

You think you control things, but you don’t.
Beds are made for sleeping.
So there.

His routine is now mine.

Day 7 Slice of Life Challenge. Read more slices here.

9 thoughts on “routines

  1. Sometimes concessions must be made! What a cute kitty. Mine is the negative of yours—black on white, but he’s got that same adoration of disruption—and destroying door frames, scratching posts aside. Happy Sunday.

  2. I love him so much! I didn’t realize you had a tuxedo. They’re my favorites! (I have three, lol). And his face tells a whole story here about how he’s not intending to move! They do like their routines–just as I do.

  3. I enjoyed reading this piece so much! I loved the beginning comparison between your routine and your cat’s, and then I loved the super short paragraphs where you describe the routines clashing, and I love your cat’s voice at the end. There’s so much packed into this short piece. It’s fabulous!

  4. Jeff makes our bed, usually because he’s the last one up. But he complains about how Fancy enjoys romping and grappling at the covers while he’s trying to get control. Our cats are never ending sources for stories.

  5. My husband and I are creatures of routine as well – and then there are our cats. The ways their routines become ours – vice versa? I do love how thinking about them causes us to know more about ourselves.

  6. Oh I love this and how it swung round from you having your exact routine to him now being in charge of a new routine. As you say, he was probably bored and look for some sort of change or one upmanship. Cats rule let’s face it…!

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