consider the puddles

I woke to a downpour at 4 am.
waiting it out undercover
I consider the puddles that are sure to be.
Rain or not.

My front door opens to lightening darkness.
Off the porch, the sky brightens
showing off spots of blue and white.
One dark cloud hangs on.

Down the driveway,
into the wind.
Sharp and rainless
to the end of the block.

I face the uphill climb
and then the agreement to return to school
clouds my head
with what ifs and how to’s.

Debating the pros and cons
of one scenario vs. another
I find myself a mile out.

Down into the neighborhood
that leads to the ocean,
past a deserted school.
I avoid deep impressions in the asphalt
left by heavy buses and delivery trucks.
In a month perhaps they will return.

The corner store,
the morning bus,
the wind I had forgotten, hits me
as I turn west.

Head down into the gale
I reach protection
of homes and vegetation.

Birds hop ahead of me
on the trail.
Foot prints

I stop
to negotiate the edges
for the next
stepping place.

An expanse of muddy water.
Sloshing shoes are probable
I see ground exposed enough
to get me
to the next puddle.

Day 11 Slice of Life Challenge 2021.
Read more slices here.

9 thoughts on “consider the puddles

  1. Somehow your thoughts about returning to school fit perfectly with your navigation of the puddles on your run. I do think you will be up for the next set of puddles that come your way during this 2020-21 school year. On a different note, I am not a runner but wonder if I could be one. It must be a satisfying thing for you to do it at such an early time in such weather. Your perseverance comes through to this reader.

  2. So good. It really is about getting to the next puddle. I remember how scared I was when we first went back to school, and it has worked out OK, step by step. Wishing and hoping the same for you. Ruth,

  3. Love this! How you turned your morning into this beautiful poem. You know these deeply personal poems are the ones that become universal. We were with you on the trail dodging puddles and trying to release our hive mind.

  4. I love your poem. It seems like your run and getting around the puddles are about overcoming obstacles in our daily lives and especially, in this case, going back to school. I am wondering if you always get up at four and have always taken your run before your school day. I almost felt like I took that run with you. The photo speaks volumes! This poem is, above all else, hopeful.

    • Yep,I always get up early to run or do something. It just helps me start my day. The one thing I can count on unless it’s really bad weather!

  5. Love this poem and the early morning run! A good way to start the day but I am just not that much of a morning person. I love that you do this! thanks for sharing it with us!

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