the room a pandemic created

Last March 16, I set my laptop on my kitchen table and started my first zoom school room. Light streamed in from the side window. My coffee pot was steps away. It seemed the perfect spot.

It took less than a week for me to realize that the sunlight was annoying. I had to keep shifting to keep my screen from being obscured. The reflection of the overhead lighting made shadows on my projected images, and having my classwork mixed up with the makings of meals was not ideal for anyone.

So I created a space for all things school. Our oldest’s son’s former bedroom in the front of the house became my office. And while I call it my hole, I dearly love my space.

The wall displays my kid’s historic artwork, my shelf of professional books are within reach, my cat curls up on pillows to my left, and my desk houses my continually charged laptop.

My things are never in anyone’s way and no one is in my things.

As much as I want to crawl out of my pandemic bunker into the light, I know I will continue to retreat into the room a pandemic created.

Day 14, Slice of Life Challenge.
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