watch cat

Our cat moves around the house with great purpose.

During the weekdays, cat will spend his entire day on the bed beside me as I work with my kiddos on zoom. He rarely engages, but is always there to my left. When I take a break, he’s on my heels. Wherever I stop, he sits and waits, watching. And then follows me back to work, curling up on the bed.

On the weekends, my husband is usually in the garden and cat’s on the prowl. Keeping track of the place. Watching which plant got moved where, adjusting and revising the schematic of the property in his head.

When the next door neighbor kids are out and about, priorities shift to sentinel mode at the back window. Cat takes to surveying the hillside for any unauthorized activity.

As we sit down for dinner, it’s time to go out and check the perimeter.
And back in for a snack.
And out to check again.

After dinner, we might read. Understanding his role, he sits decoratively on the rug beside us.

At bedtime, we turn off the lights and make our way to the back of the house. Cat follows. situating himself at the foot of the bed where he will stay until someone rises the next morning.

His routine moves with ours. Occasionally he changes it up, executing an unexpected swipe as we pass by, or deciding to take up a different position at night. But he is always there.

Our watch cat. Our protector. Our family member.

Day 17 Slice of Life Daily Challenge 2021.
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