time travel

We walked down street in the old part of town. Thrift shops, an old movie house, coffee house, record stores, tattoo shops.

On a Tuesday afternoon it’s quiet. Easy street parking. The only other people around are a boy and his mother stopping at the candy shop. Before getting out of the car, we slip on our masks and step into the breeze.

She looks down the street.

“The address is 421.”

“Did you check if it’s open?”

No response. We walk on. Two doors down and there it is, PM Records

In the window are posters of Willie Nelson and Bob Marley. Beatles and Bowie.

Our search for “vinyls” was instigated by the turntable left by my son now confiscated by my daughter.

Flipping through the discs and I tumble back in time

Tapestry — fifth grade
Madman Across the Water, Led Zeppelin IV — sophomore year.high school
Songs in the Key of Life, Hunky Dory, Blue — junior and senior years high school.
What a Fool Believes — College

A look at the covers and I go to wherever I was when I pulled the black disk out of the sleeve and set it to play.

We walk out with Sade, Abba, Cher, and The Doobie Brothers.

Now, as sounds seep out of her room, I never know where I might be going.

Day 18 Slice of Life Challenge 2021.
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8 thoughts on “time travel

  1. Music is so amazing. It most definitely has the power to instantly take you back on time. I can hear a song I haven’t heard in ages and instantly feel the feelings of the grade I was in. And know all the words of course!

    Sounds like a great shopping outing!

  2. I have a story about records I’ll share with you on Voxer. I love how this slice shows your relationship with Claire, easy-going, and nostalgia by songs. I’ve been listening to Grant’s playlist on Spotify. Lots of Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, and Bob Dylan. I am taken back to high school.

  3. We have two boxes stored in the closet of our vinyls. Yup, there’s Abba and Cher, but also a lot of Petula Clark, the Carpenters, and Chicago too. What a trip in time!

  4. I read another slice this week using hairstyles as a way to mark time. You slice does the same with albums! Music is a pwoerful medium. It is so true how “A look at the covers and I go to wherever I was when I pulled the black disk out of the sleeve and set it to play.” It is also lovely that your love of music is embraced by the next generation!

  5. Oh I love this moment you captured going shopping for records! with your daughter and being transported back in time by music. First, your piece is so descriptive I feel like I am right there with you. Second, it is a relatable fun moment.

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