my writing life in five sentences

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a voice in my head that explained the world to me, when I didn’t have reams of paper and notebooks, when I didn’t have stories and characters to entertain me.

I believed my mom when she said I could write stories, poetry, plays, just about anything.

But college had other ideas about what writing should be and other opinions as to my writing abilities.

I escaped into reading, unconsciously absorbing mountains of mentor texts from Joan Didion to Wallace Stegner.

Three careers and hundreds of memos later, I started teaching writing, showing others the way to a writing life, and in the process I found my own.

Thank you Multifaceted Musings, It’s Elementary, and Elisabeth Ellington at The Dirigible Plum for this inspiration.

Day 19, Slice of Life Daily Challenge 2021.
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10 thoughts on “my writing life in five sentences

  1. I just read Fran’s five sentence writing memoir, and it’s powerful, inspired by yours and by Elisabeth’s. I appreciate the contrast between what your young self believed about your writing life and what college convinced you about it. There’s a lot to think about within and between the lines!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you were inspired to try this one too. What a rich story this is! How much we have in common! College has a lot to answer for. As I was working on my piece and remembering the frenzy of writing I did from 12 to 18, I tried to remember how it all stopped around the time I was in college, but that is the answer: I was in college, and there was a different idea of what good writing was and I began to doubt that I actually was or could be a writer.

  3. I love how your writing story seems to be bookends – you as a child with the voice in your head and paper to use and now as a teacher of wiritng. You’ve given me a prompt I might try too!

  4. This format is catching on. It interests me where we get stopped and blocked in our lives. I listened to a podcast with Naomi Shihab Nye who has been writing and publishing poems since she was 7. What a gift! Most of us follow a path much like your own, trying to find our way back to writing.

  5. Your mom was right (aren’t mom’s always right? 🙂 ) , you can and do write just about anything. I am thankful you found your way into writing, so I could meet you. 🙂

  6. It’s amazing how much it is possible to say just in five sentences. I am glad this story had a happy ending.

  7. I absolutely love this!! As you know of course, I had the same exact experience. My mom was/is quite the cheerleader of my creative life; college definitely made me take a turn. Thank you for sharing!!

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