friendship in uncertain times

It’s been a week of I don’t knows and we don’t know yets. When I get an answer, the answer changes. All of this has to do with the reopening of our schools for in person teaching. Some students will choose in person, others virtual. The end result remains to be seen.

One thing’s for certain, when we get back to our buildings, our classroom community will have changed. Children are going to be placed in A and B cadres. The classroom that was will be no more. This is the hardest part. More difficult than the logistics of recess and bathroom breaks. or the physicality of maintaining distance and wearing of masks. The hardest part will be the dissolution of the class we created over the last eight months. We have gone through this together. We’ve worked through it all. It breaks my heart to take it all a part with only a month and a half to go.

The new configurations will result in a new mix of people and interaction. Regardless of whether they are in person or virtual, the classroom experience will change. Who might say more? Who will emerge as a leader? What friendships will form?

What keeps me afloat through this uncertainty is that what I know to be true about my students. No matter the configuration or the environment, I am certain there will be goodness.

When asked, “How do you know someone’s your friend?” They show compassion and understanding of what it takes to form friendship.

A: When you like the same things, but not everything is the same. One thing is different. That means you like similar things but you are ok with somethings that are different.

K: It’s hard to know because we aren’t in school, but I suppose when we start talking on social media. We play games. That’s a friend.

H: Friends help you when you are having trouble.

E: They don’t hurt you, they help you.

S: When we hang out a lot.

X: If you fight, no matter what, they will be your friend. They will say sorry. One little fight won’t spoil it.

B: When they let me be my own person. I am able to express my feelings with a friend.

G: A friend will protect me.

When the classroom changes from one to two we will know how to regroup as communities. Of that I am certain.

Day 20, Slice of Life Challenge, 2021.
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This week’s questions of the day:

Monday: How do you know someone’s your friend?

Tuesday: Would you rather read a book or have a book read to you?

Wednesday: When do you eat breakfast?

Thursday: When did you go to bed last night?

Friday: What is your favorite cereal? (A’s question)