books make a home

I walk into a lifeless room.

Desks in rows.
Rugs, couches, and pillows gone.
Bookshelves barren.

An alien planet.

Every aspect of it is contrary to the place I have considered a second home.

My hope is to resuscitate this space. And bring in a sense of comfort and warmth. There is nothing I can do about the desks or the lack of soft fabric to touch or congregate on.

I spin in circles wondering how this could go. How this should go.

Finally, do what I know. I start to pull out books.
Books returning from home.
Books stored in cupboards.

I stack books on desks, by category and interest.
And, I start to see my students. Who would want what.
I grab my phone ordering to fill the gaps.

The mess of it all begins to shift.
One desk fills and I move to fill another.
Stacks migrate from desk to shelf.

I walk the length of the shelves searching for spaces. Scanning the titles.

As shelves fill, I Imagine seeking the book for that child.

I stand back and look. Still a bit foreign. But the familiar fills the shelves, lights up the room with color and hope. Ready and waiting.
The books.

day 27 slice of life challenge 2021
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5 thoughts on “books make a home

  1. This is wonderful. I , too, had a room full of stuff. (Often too much stuff.) But books were vital. Good luck with the kiddos and the books and returning to something akin to “normal”. Your poem is truly wonderful and shows who you are as a teacher.
    Janet Clare F.

  2. You will make it a home as it is. Love how the books can be used a the familiar to help this transition.

  3. I am so at peace when surrounded by books. I had a classroom filled with books and shelves and loved going to a particular spot to find that “just right” choice for the child who needed it. Between you and the books, the kids will find their happy place, I have no doubt.

  4. Isn’t it odd to be creating our classrooms and bringing them to life so late in the year? I have only done one thing in mine (besides clean up some of the last teacher’s belongings): fill two shelves with good books! I will gradually get them all there. And I will find colorful things for the walls. And it will become a second home.

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