things to hold on to

My Saturday felt busy and full.

What was it?

I went out to Lowes. That’s it!

A trip to a home improvement store made the day feel busy.

I have some serious adjusting to do. I’m not used to going out much.

I remember the schedule I made this morning. The one that will get me to school, once we go back to buildings, on time. In addition to all the things that must be done to get to work before I can get to work (park, health check, conversations in the hall), I’m making time for a few things that have made my life better in this year of staying home.

In the before times, I went to the Y, ran on a treadmill and rarely made it to a yoga class. This past year of running outside has given me moonlight and sunrises; daily app led yoga has made it possible to keep running. These solitary spaces take more time, but will continue to begin my day.

In the before times, I walked to my car with a cup of coffee and a bagel in hand, bag of books on my shoulder. I’m sure I will have that bag of books, but I do not want to worry if I will burn my tongue or spill on myself as I take that first sip of coffee. My first cup of coffee needs to be consumed at home preferably with a newspaper.

There are other things I’d like to hold on to. Things there won’t be time for, but mostly the things I can’t take with me. My cat. My desk. My kitchen. The sunlight. Mostly my cat. These are the things I’ll miss as I make my way back into the world where people congregate.

Day 28, slice of life daily challenge.
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6 thoughts on “things to hold on to

  1. I hope you are able to keep some of your routines like swimming and running when you are back in the building. Change is hard. Your cat will miss you.

  2. I love the idea of things that were not the norm a year ago making a positive impact on our lives. For me, the thing that I continued doing when we returned to the school building was eating breakfast at home. Pre-COVID, I would pick up breakfast or just skip it. After spending time at home, I realized how much I enjoyed those few quiet minutes before the hectic day begins!

  3. Yes, I will miss my cats so much. One of my co-workers has four cats who make even more Zoom appearances than mine do, and we joke about needing an emotional support cat in the building. She has two that she thinks would work wonderfully! Too bad so many people are allergic… Like you, I want to be sure that I preserve what I love about my leisurely paced morning time. I am going to be sure to make some adjustments to my morning schedule so that I can have time for my coffee, for a little reading and writing.

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