writing meditation

Habit is persistence in practice.

Yesterday’s quote from Octavia Butler made me wonder about habits. What I persist in and why. And as a believer in practice, what should I practice? What habits have I created? What could grow from the past 31 days?

I came to the March daily slicing challenge after a long period of not writing. Wary of the stress that daily publishing and commenting could create, I was on guard. Protective, I suppose.

I was surprised to find the work a pleasure.

I managed to banish my inner critics, Brilliance and Failure. For some reason, I don’t know why, I let both go. Most of the time. It’s not to say, I didn’t have moments when their cousins Perfection and Doubt threatened. But most days I allowed myself to ignore them.

Perhaps it’s Vanity that has waned, knowing it lives in an imaginary place.

Stepping out of March and into April, I’d like to think a habit has started to form. One that dismisses criticism that gets in the way of doing things that create an interesting life.

And on that note, what follows is my attempt at “a golden shovel poem” for the final day of March 2021.

I question my landscape, searching, to attach value, to identify a habit

worthy of pursuit. Does it require ability to sustain, or, is

knowledge a deterrent to dreams? Is persistence

bequeathed genetics that conjure tenacity in

spite of fatigue and obstacles? Or, is it faith that compels the spirit to practice.

Day 30 slice of life daily challenge 2021
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30 things that make me happy

For March 30th, I collected 30 things that make me happy. Each could be a slice. Maybe I should have started with this list!

Inspired by Elisabeth Ellington at The Dirigible Plum and Caitlin, at Love Always, Caitlin

  • holding a warm cup of anything when I’m cold
  • steel cut oatmeal with raisins
  • the color of my kitchen, buttercream
  • yunomi, a ceramic cup with no handles
  • tea towels
  • time to read the Sunday newspaper
  • berries, banana and apple smoothies
  • bamboo sheets
  • reading a hand written letter from a friend
  • writing back to that friend
  • the way my cat curls on my bed
  • lemon ginger tea in the afternoon
  • a throw over my legs and feet
  • ironing cotton napkins
  • good reading light
  • notebooks, books, pens, paper
  • book stores with comfortable chairs
  • anticipating the weekend
  • red wine with pasta and pizza
  • shopping with my daughter
  • finding sea glass
  • bouquets in short tumblers
  • finding the perfect book for a friend
  • exchanging books with a friend
  • foreign language television shows
  • poetry podcasts with Tracy K. Smith
  • listening to my friend’s voice as I walk
  • the way melaleuca tree trunks bend with the wind
  • the unfurling of leaves of an indoor plant
  • finding buds on the fruit tree in the front yard
  • my dad’s bird bath in the back yard
day 30 slice of life daily challenge, 2021
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