30 things that make me happy

For March 30th, I collected 30 things that make me happy. Each could be a slice. Maybe I should have started with this list!

Inspired by Elisabeth Ellington at The Dirigible Plum and Caitlin, at Love Always, Caitlin

  • holding a warm cup of anything when I’m cold
  • steel cut oatmeal with raisins
  • the color of my kitchen, buttercream
  • yunomi, a ceramic cup with no handles
  • tea towels
  • time to read the Sunday newspaper
  • berries, banana and apple smoothies
  • bamboo sheets
  • reading a hand written letter from a friend
  • writing back to that friend
  • the way my cat curls on my bed
  • lemon ginger tea in the afternoon
  • a throw over my legs and feet
  • ironing cotton napkins
  • good reading light
  • notebooks, books, pens, paper
  • book stores with comfortable chairs
  • anticipating the weekend
  • red wine with pasta and pizza
  • shopping with my daughter
  • finding sea glass
  • bouquets in short tumblers
  • finding the perfect book for a friend
  • exchanging books with a friend
  • foreign language television shows
  • poetry podcasts with Tracy K. Smith
  • listening to my friend’s voice as I walk
  • the way melaleuca tree trunks bend with the wind
  • the unfurling of leaves of an indoor plant
  • finding buds on the fruit tree in the front yard
  • my dad’s bird bath in the back yard
day 30 slice of life daily challenge, 2021
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35 thoughts on “30 things that make me happy

  1. I love The Slow Down w/ Tracy K Smith. Her voice is comforting. Your list starts out as utilitarian, but it’s the connections to friends, art, and nature I love most.

  2. I notice how many on the list involves a texture. Lists help me to brainstorm and also make connections and then push to drafting. You seem to have LOTS of seeds here. Perhaps you will be showing up on Tuesdays during the year to share more stories. Or tuck this away for 3/1/2022!

  3. When I read that title, I thought, “How did she find 30 things?” What a wonderful list! I’ve recently tried the Poetry Magazine podcast. I think you’d like it.

  4. This list made me smile. I’m with you on the buds on the trees. We just planted seven new trees in the fall so it’s exciting to see them blossom for the first time!

    Speaking of tea towels, Betsy Hubbard wrote a whole post about them in late Feb./early March. You should check it out!

  5. Oh the miracle that is Tracy K. Smith’s podcast! And that you love the color of your kitchen, “buttercream.” I love my kitchen color, too: chorizo! Thanks for making me smile and nod today. This is like a familiar song that makes me want to dance.

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