writing back to that friend

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day.

For writing inspiration, I decided to write from a list I made last month of 30 things that make me happy. One each day of the month.

Today, day ten, writing back to that friend.

Yesterday’s post was about receiving a hand written letter from a friend. Today is the response, writing back.

grab four
sheets of paper, watercolor washed in blue
eye three
pens, all black, test each for the feel in my hand
choose one
and settle at my desk

dear it begins
heart to hand through the ink
conversation flows fast

page two continues, thoughts on the day to day
happenings that we share
and don’t

I shake my hand as it
readies to deliver
page three
updates and upcomings
books to be read and read

nearing the end of page four
I offer wonderings and hope
sign it
best, it ends

I seal


day 10, national poetry month 2021