the way my cat curls on my bed

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day.

I’ve been trying forms that I find this month. This form called, The Skinny, was introduced by Glenda Funk and then passed on by Denise Krebs yesterday on Ethical ELA‘s daily verse share.

The form is eleven lines.
Line 1 and 11 are the only lines with multiple words.
Lines 2 through 10 are one word.
Lines 2, 6, and 10 are the same word.
Lines 1 and 11 contain the same words but in different order.

My writing inspiration comes for a list of 30 things that make. me happy. I made this list last month on the 30th of March.

Today, day eleven is the way my cat curls on my bed.

At the end of my bed, my cat curls.
Curl, my cat at the end of my bed.

day 11, national poetry month 2021

5 thoughts on “the way my cat curls on my bed

  1. The skinny is such a fun poem form. It works well with this topic. Today I wrote an ode to Fancy, my cat. Cats make good subjects for poetry.

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