lemon ginger tea in the afternoon

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day. My poetry project this month is rooted in a list of things that make me happy. I made this list last month during the Slicing Challenge on the 30th of March.

For today’s poem, I found inspiration from Penny Kittle’s post on Ethical ELA‘s verse share. She wrote a mirror poem inspired by G. Yamazama’s Elementary. I lifted the line “I was so I young I don’t even remember” from Yamazama’s poem.

Today, day twelve is lemon ginger tea in the afternoon.

I was so young I don’t even remember when I had my first sip of tea
black and sweet
served in a bone china cup
brought me into this world

an honor
my mother bestowed
the magic of hot water whistling
in the kettle
the ball of leaves

my mother held the lid with two fingers
as her other hand gripped the handle
and poured
one cup for me
one cup for her
blow, sip
afternoon tea

the teapot sits high
tucked away
out of reach
while the plug-in pot steams
I grip the handle
and pour water steaming
over the single tea bag
marked lemon ginger

one cup for me


day 12, national poetry month, 2021

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