shopping with my daughter

I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by writing and reading poetry, every day. My poetry project is grows out of a list of things that make me happy. I made this list on the 30th of March.

The twentieth idea on my list is shopping with my daughter.

my yesterday
she reached up for my hand
is her twenty years ago

so now
I hold on to what
you might think frivolous

the on the way to
the what do you think
the car ride home
the can you help me

that will become my yesterdays

day 20, national poetry month 2021

2 thoughts on “shopping with my daughter

  1. Beautiful.

    My yesterday is her twenty years ago.

    You captured time as a parent perfectly here. I know that all too soon the moments you mention will become my yesterdays with my little one. This poem made me stop and remember again to take it all in because time will go by so quickly.

  2. Holding onto yesterdays. I think we learn to appreciate them as our children get older. It does seem a blink of an eye to us – and a lifetime to our kids. I’m grateful for the tomorrows that will become memorable yesterdays.

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